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GhostSecPro, LLC
Things You Need to Know and Services Offered...
I'm Working With You Whether You See Me Or Not!
Don't see a service you need? Even if I don't provide it, I might know someone who does, so let me know. Email me using the form below!
Why work with GhostSecPro, LLC?

GhostSecPro provides a customized solution for each and every client. 

That's why I offer a FREE consultation giving us an opportunity to assess your needs, discuss your goals and budget, and figure out if we are a "good fit". If we decide to work together, I develop and provide a Support Plan outlining the roles and tasks already discussed and a fair MONTHLY Value-Based Fee.

Why a Monthly Value-Based Fee? 

  • It emphasizes our collaborative partnership and customized high-level administrative solution giving you the best value for your dollar.

  • It also helps us both budget more effectively. You no longer need to worry about watching a clock because our partnership assures the specific services agreed upon in our agreement will be done each and every month. No surprises!

  • I am not an employee...I am a business owner and therefore responsible for providing those services we have agreed upon without the need for supervision. In a collaborative relationship there must be a level of trust between two people in order to reach a common goal! 

What's Included in Value-Based Fees?

  • weekly meeting is part of the Support Plan and aids in keeping us on track. It also gives you, the client, the opportunity to provide feedback and direction when necessary.

  • I utilize the latest technology keeping us in sync no matter where you are located! I use MS Office and several different "Cloud" solutions to make sure I am always ready to tackle whatever might come up. As a business owner, I keep my "tools" up to date and always ready!

  • We will use email communication most days except for our "weekly meeting" which will be over the phone or Skype, whichever you prefer.

 What Happens if You Need More Support Than Expected?

These things happen...If something comes up...email me and we can schedule some time to talk about what's going on and find a resolution that best fits your need! That's it...Communicate your need and we work together to resolve it!

Although I prefer a monthly value-based contract, sometimes all you need is a little help. That's why I also offer an a-la-carte "menu" of services. These are one-time projects paid for up-front and not part of a Support Agreement. No matter which option you choose ALL FEES need to be paid up front before work will begin unless otherwise mutually agreed.
So....the BIG Question...What Services does GSP offer?
Basic Website Design and Development - Building a website is a project but the maintenance and hosting are monthly and on-going.

Social Networking - This is monthly and on-going but if you want it set-up without anything further, I can do that as well.
Email Marketing - This is also a monthly and on-going service but I can just get you started for an a-la-carte fee.

Transcription Services - Note that 1 hour of recording can take up to 3 hours to transcribe. Therefore, this is billed hourly with a minimum fee of $250.
Customer Relationship Management - Specific Service for ongoing support only. Will use a service the client already has or will research and assist in choosing and setting up a solution.
Document Creation - Do you have documents or presentations you need created or updated. Do you need to create a documentation depository so your not recreating over and over again. 
Proofreading and Editing - I proofread for Authors as an a-la-cart service but this could easily be a service provided on an on-going basis as well.